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Black Friday Shopping November 24, 2012

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I am one of the millions of strange people that love Black Friday shopping. My friends and I head out after our Thanksgiving meal and hours of visiting, with the sales flyers in hand and a basic plan in mind. We aren’t in a rush, we take our time and look around the stores, we make our selections and check out. Not a big deal, we’ve never been involved in a trampling incident or fight or shooting. If we get the deal fine, if not that’s okay too.

The best part of Black Friday shopping for me is people watching. I love to watch people, and not in a creepy I’m stalking you kind of way. For example, while waiting in line at Bass Pro Shops we were chatting along with the people in front of us, they were having a great time socializing with each other. They were obviously sisters and spending quality time together. Of course you have those like the lady behind us in line, who griped at everyone. She had apparently nominated and voted herself as the line monitor. She had already lost sight of the joy of Christmas.

You can see such interesting choices of outfits people shop in, many are dressed in their pajamas so that’s actually not so unusual anymore. Our tradition is to wear a pair of Christmas socks, not that they are easily seen with our blue jeans on. We saw a lady dressed in leggings, a T-shirt, and her fanny pack. She was rockin’ it, you could tell. To each their own.

I know there are people that believe that people shouldn’t go shopping on Black Friday, which now starts on Thursday (Thanksgiving) because it takes workers away from their families. I disagree with that, so many people are happy to have a job right now. Of course they’d rather eat turkey dinner and take a nap instead of going to work, I’d say that’s true for almost everyone. I also know there are a lot of people that don’t have family to celebrate with, maybe they are too far away and can’t travel, or maybe they are an only child and parents have passed away. Holidays can be a very blue time for lots of people, and I’d say some of them are happy to go to work and have something to do. So I’ll keep shopping, and stores will keep opening, and people will keep working. If you don’t agree well then you can choose to stay home and nap after your turkey dinner.


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