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The Christmas Gift Idea gone NUTS! November 26, 2012

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I am getting my daughter, Kali, a makeup box, and various girly items for Christmas. <SHHHH, it’s a secret, don’t tell her it’s a surprise!!!> She’s 12, so it’s time. I decided that her “big” gift could be a vanity (dressing table), something simple and reasonable. Of course, the more reasonable the price the better. This is what I have in mind.

Isn’t that cute?! Well, it’s just $150, that’s at least $75 more than I wanted to spend. So now the search is on…let’s see what else I can find.

Cute too, but holy smokes $325!

I like it too, but $299 is entirely too much. Well now I know finding a vanity isn’t a problem, but getting my price is. My next idea (yes plan B) is I’ll find a table and make a vanity myself, that should be cheaper. Let’s see what I can find to make that happen. Here are some desks…

Found this at for $39.00

Found this at for $39.84

Found this at for $99

Besides the last one, these are sort of reasonable, but I still have to add a chair of some kind and mirror. It’s been pretty successful at Walmart so let me see what they have for mirrors and chairs/stools.





So if I buy everything separate, it’s still almost $90. I’ll keep shopping, hopefully I’ll come up with something fabulous, but in my price range!


8 Responses to “The Christmas Gift Idea gone NUTS!”

  1. Little Cybs Says:

    I know you said you were hesitant about spending $150, but I’ve been lusting after this vanity in Bed Bath & Beyond for ages!
    Good luck though! I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  2. Have you thought about looking on some place like craigslist, used furniture stores, or thrift stores. Maybe if you don’t find one that is nice you could find one and refinish it or maybe get someone to refinish it. I just seen one at a kids sale by me 2 weeks ago really nice looked like new out of the box for $40. I wanted it for my daughter but didn’t have the extra $40 to spend and with us moving and all I figured it best to wait until her birthday in Jan or next Christmas.

    • That’s a great idea, and I’ve been asking around in my small town. I haven’t had a chance to check Goodwill (the GW Boutique as we call it) or anything. I’ll have to add that to the list, or maybe even freecycle (which may be an option to help you) 🙂

      • I always forget freecycle that is a good one too. I use to use it a lot to get rid of stuff. Anymore I know so many people I just give it to them when I want rid of something . We are moving to a temp place til tax time and then hope to move out of state if all works out. I have gotten rid of all furniture I want to have as little as possible when we leave to another state. Hope to get it all in one trailer so I can pull it behind my truck. I think i am going to wait until we get moved and they get their new bedroom stuff and get something to match it.

  3. reocochran Says:

    All good ideas! I was impressed at the things my brother found to decorate my mother’s senior living apt. on craigslist! He found a rocker for $20 (rock maple, great condition!) and other “finds!” Her little cottage that my Dad and she retired in had all nautical themed items that we sold to put money in her account. The house is still on the market, empty. She wanted to go back to “homey” and “cozy.”

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