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Blonde Moments November 29, 2012

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I am blonde, which is to say that my hair is colored blonde (both naturally and chemically). It does not mean that I am stupid or dingy or the typical blonde stereotype. However with that being said I do sometimes have blonde moments, as I had mentioned to The Cheeky Diva when I shared with her that I believe blonde moments are contagious. Just ask some of my friends. Anyways, The Cheeky Diva suggested I add blonde moments into my blog. That’s a hell of an idea so I am!

At this exact moment, I can’t come up with anything that I’ve done specifically, but keep an eye out they happen and now I’ve committed to share them with you, don’t you feel lucky? 🙂


5 Responses to “Blonde Moments”

  1. Wooo hoo!! I can’t wait to read some. I’m not blonde, but I do a Friday Fail on my blog sometimes, that’s nothing but stories about my stupid attacks. You sound like you might possibly have a dorky side. I sure hope so, because DORKS RULE!

  2. I’m not blonde either but I sure do have some moments of it.. Looking forward to read your moments!

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