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Dust in the Wind November 29, 2012

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A friend of mine told me a story last night, because that’s just what he does (I wish he’d start a blog, you’d love it), he is an amazing story teller. Anyways, here’s how the story basically went. A woman asked her husband to get her a new car, hers was falling apart and unreliable. He said, no we don’t really have the money for that right now. She said okay. She asked him to take a trip to the lake so they could spend the day together. He said no,it’s too far, we’ll do it someday.

The man passed away, and she was very sad. She had him cremated according to his wishes and picked up his ashes. She drove down to the lake with them, got out of the car and said the following. “You know honey, I asked you over and over for a new car to which you always told me there wasn’t enough money. Well we drove here in my new car. I asked you to come to the lake so we could spend time together, you always said it was too far. Isn’t it beautiful here? You know the blow jobs you always asked me for and I always said no? Well I guess it’s a little late now, but here you go.”


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She had his ashes in her hands, and blew.


2 Responses to “Dust in the Wind”

  1. wheeshmarie Says:

    That’s sad, but sweet at the same time.

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