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Club Life – People Watching March 19, 2013

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I am very much a people watcher, not in that creepy stalking way, but just observing. I can usually peg basic body language, facial expressions, etc to know (well assume) what’s going on between people. Of course if they are alone the assumptions can be much more fun, and outrageous. I was sitting at lunch the other day and there were a group of men ranging in age from around 20-70. Granted it was in a private club setting, and I know their common interest is golf. So the men sat around a large round table in the lounge area of the club, some would join the group and others would leave, it was a come and go thing it seemed. During the 45 minutes I sat there these men talked about other people, 16 to be exact, and one person in particular on several occasions. They would speculate about these peoples interest in tournaments, what is going on in their job, what their “position” is in the Club, their personal relationships, among other things. One man in particular was the most vocal about his opinions of others, and when he spoke it was loud and clear enough for everyone to hear. Not smart in my opinion, but of course they didn’t ask. It was very interesting to me that they were just gossiping, literally, but yet any one of these men would be the first to say they don’t gossip. They would swear only women-folk gossip.

As I sat there I got a bit tickled at that thought. Of course anyone watching me would have thought I was crazy or having some great and funny conversation with the voices in my head. Anyways, I determined in my assumption of these men that the loudest one was the most full of shit. The two younger men were chiming in so that the loud one noticed them, and the older ones seemed to join in quietly while laughing. Maybe they agreed with my assumption the the loud one was full of shit. As more people entered for lunch the group got quieter, which is to say not so obnoxious, and no one seemed to notice them plainly talking about other people. It occurs to me that this group would gossip about any of the other members of the table if they weren’t there. Maybe that’s why they are all there every day to drink water and eat popcorn. Hopefully the weather will get nicer so they can get back to a more relevant hobby, like golf.


One Response to “Club Life – People Watching”

  1. reocochran Says:

    I was people watching once with a man who thought it was a “silly” practice. I ended up thinking he was not the right one for me! I enjoy making up stories about people I watch, but if I can hear their conversation, I don’t mind eavesdropping! Thanks for a good post that gave me a smile!

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