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Time flies December 28, 2012

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Hey everybody, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)! Mine was busy, which was the reason for my absence. Gearing up for the New Year right now. I’m not much on New Year’s resolutions really, they tend to fall by the way before January ends. I do, however, have some things I want to change/work on/etc. So I’m going to start an idea bubble (without real bubbles) here just to get my mind going…we’ll see what I decide to do with the ideas from there.

Finish unpacking
Keep the house better
Keep a more organized calendar
Keep a personal and private journal
Read at least one book per month
Start a project and FINISH it (I should probably finish the ones I’ve already started first)
Hand write cards and letters to friends and families (would require updating the address book)
Send thank you cards as needed
Take the time to dress and be girly everyday
Blog more regularly, plan/schedule for it
Take more pictures
Deal with my HATE of laundry…why do I hate doing laundry so much?!
Cook at home more

Hmm, so far it seems as though I’m working on cleaning and organization. Wow, that sounds like fun <sarcasm intended>. Rome wasn’t built in a day so I guess the best plan will be baby steps and maintenance. Also organizing the list into action points or something…I sound really motivated don’t I. Sigh, I better get to work. 🙂


Whew! What a week! December 7, 2012

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Sorry for the shouting, but it has been a heck of a week. Monday and Tuesday were spent with my ex screaming at me…for no reason other than I wouldn’t come to his house. Um…we are divorced, thanks for offering but, no thanks. It feels good to be able to stand up for myself again, and I fought him the whole time when I used to just walk away. You don’t get to call an hour before I get off work and tell me to drive 20 minutes to your house. I have our daughter this week and I will be spending time with her. Of course the tantrums (his) commence and I really don’t deal well with that. Just another example that I made the right decision. Go me!

Work has been crazy, it’s like special situation week on campus or something.

Student: Yes, I’d like to withdraw from this semester.

Me: Oh, I see, so you don’t plan to attend during the Spring semester?

Student: No, I’m talking about the semester we are in.

Me: Um…the last day to withdraw was the beginning of November, exams start on Saturday.

Student: I know, but I have medical issues.

Me: Oh I see.

So I proceed to follow our procedure while the student has jumped all over my you have no responsibility nerve. Sigh.

WOOHOO it’s Friday! While it’s going to be a busy working all weekend few days, I’m looking forward to them.

Candy cane nails

Candy cane nails

I’ve had a wonderful time with my sweet pea this week! We’ve put up the Christmas tree, done homework, snuggled, did a few things around town, and stuff like that. I even got to paint her finger nails to look like candy canes. Cute huh?

She’s growing up so fast, but I have to say overall she has great manners, she’s caring, compassionate, and polite. I’m so proud of her!



The Christmas Gift Idea gone NUTS! November 26, 2012

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I am getting my daughter, Kali, a makeup box, and various girly items for Christmas. <SHHHH, it’s a secret, don’t tell her it’s a surprise!!!> She’s 12, so it’s time. I decided that her “big” gift could be a vanity (dressing table), something simple and reasonable. Of course, the more reasonable the price the better. This is what I have in mind.

Isn’t that cute?! Well, it’s just $150, that’s at least $75 more than I wanted to spend. So now the search is on…let’s see what else I can find.

Cute too, but holy smokes $325!

I like it too, but $299 is entirely too much. Well now I know finding a vanity isn’t a problem, but getting my price is. My next idea (yes plan B) is I’ll find a table and make a vanity myself, that should be cheaper. Let’s see what I can find to make that happen. Here are some desks…

Found this at for $39.00

Found this at for $39.84

Found this at for $99

Besides the last one, these are sort of reasonable, but I still have to add a chair of some kind and mirror. It’s been pretty successful at Walmart so let me see what they have for mirrors and chairs/stools.





So if I buy everything separate, it’s still almost $90. I’ll keep shopping, hopefully I’ll come up with something fabulous, but in my price range!